Wednesday, June 24, 2009

20 pounds

Did I mention I lost weight? I had been very slowly losing weight since having Ryland but in March I decided to actually start trying to lose weight and be healthy. Since mid- March I'm down 20lbs! yup.. 20 pounds. Its insane. I am halfway to my goal and I'm so proud of myself. It took a ton of work but I feel so much better. Here are some pictures

This was me last 4th of July with my mom. When someone gave me this picture I actually hid it away so I wouldn't have to see myself.

This was me mid-march. I was 175 lbs

This was me a few weeks ago (ignore the folded clothing on my side table please)

Only 18.5 more pounds to go!


Corin said...

WOW! You look absolutely amazing! That's such a huge accomplishment, and so quickly! Way to go!

Tara said...

Thanks Corin!

Ms. Mandi said...